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The main objective of the orphanage Let Children Have Home is to offer a true home and an integral education to all the orphans who live there, as well as support to external orphans (who are taken care of by other family members or neighbours) by helping them to get access to school, food and good health.

This is the one and only orphanage in Meki and it currently looks after 41 orphan children. The Pablo Horstmann Foundation, which lead the establishment and financing of the centre back in October 2011, is committed to create a centre that serves as a reference in the region when it comes to helping orphans, both internal and external, and offers many other services to the community as a whole.


The orphanage Let Children Have Home plans to increase the number of children it hosts progressively.

Our first aim is to provide abandoned children with a positive and cosy environment, a true home that allows their full development as people. The children attend a Christian primary and secondary school in Meki as well as the María Auxiliadora School in Zway. Giving them access to a good education that allows them to overcome and tackle their professional future lies amongst our priorities.

Moreover, we promote an easy integration amongst all the children living in the orphanage by organizing out-door sport events such as football or volleyball and by opening a recreational room as well as a library Sunday evenings to all the kids of the community.

A compromise that goes beyond their time at the Centre 

Our relationship with these girls and boys aims to persist beyond the time they leave the orphanage when they turn 18 years old. We want be there for them and support them with scholarships and other financial aids so that they can afford make their dreams become real and get anywhere they want in life.

In fact, the eldest have already started university. We continue to follow them and assisting them financially in terms of shelter, survival and studies. We are extremely proud of them!





Calle Camino Sur, 50
28109 Alcobendas - Madrid
Teléfono: 91 650 1973 (mañanas)
Fundación Lealtad
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