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Patrik is the next ambassador for the Fundación Pablo Horstmann running #Ironman4Meki, ONE MILE, TWO SMILES

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#Ironman4Meki (http://www.ironman4meki.org) is an initiative started by Patrik Birkle, promoting the Fundacion Pablo Horstmann in Meki from Europe with the support of Qello Degaga, a beneficiary of the Orphan and Vulnerable Children Program (OVC). In a video, we get to know Qello and her dream of becoming a doctor.

On 22nd September, Patrik will compete in the Ironman Emilia-Romagna in Italy for Meki’s orphan children. The goal is to raise the annual cost of two children for every mile completed in the Ironman: 140 miles = €28.000. We put € 5,000 as the first goal to cover the expenses of the first 50 children.

Everyone counts with a team behind ourselves that supports us in reaching our goals. In Patrik’s case, he gets support from his family, friends, coach, training partners and many more - Qello’s team consists of her host family, the Fundacion Pablo Horstmann, her social assistant, doctors and professors. Qello’s drei is to be a doctor, Patrik dreams of qualifying for the Ironman World championship in Hawaii 2019.

Help Meki’s orphans in making their dreams come true with #Ironman4Meki.

a. Donate via PayPal
b. Become an ambassador: Share your dream with us on #Ironman4Meki
c. Tell us about your dream and promote #Ironman4Meki: With the hashtag #Ironman4Meki you can tell us what your dream is and publish it on social media channels. Send us your video and we will upload it to our website


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