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OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) Program

HuerfanosIn the surroundings of Meki, the houses are usually made of adobe and a room. Almost half of the families have had to house at least one orphaned child in their homes, and feeding one more mouth is often a great effort. The Pablo Foundation developed the program of aid for the schooling and feeding of external orphans, OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) to offer these families support according to their needs, which are evaluated by a team of two social workers and a coordinator. They also monitor the grades of children enrolled in school in order to evaluate the results. In addition to covering part of the needs of these children, such as clothing, food and hygiene, education and a free medical check-up every six months at the clinic, training talks are also offered to women and nutritional aid is distributed among their families. that food security is provided to a population in which 38% of children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition.

In 2017, 108 girls and 97 boys participated in the OVC program, in total 205 direct beneficiaries and their families. In the Oromia region, only 8% of women have completed primary education and in the OVC program we have enrolled 53% of girls. In total 8 enrollments were financed in pre-school, 156 in primary and 24 in secondary, 161 uniforms and school material were delivered to 178 beneficiaries.


2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014


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