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The objective of this 12 pre-schools or little schools located in the North of Turkana is to improve the live conditions of 1800 kids, aged fewer than seven, that live in that semi deserted area. This location is the poorest, the most primitive and totally abandoned area of Kenya.

Our aim is to mitigate their severe malnourishment and to promote their education.

The Foundation FPH has always had a narrow link with the Social Missionaries of the Catholic Church financing the construction and maintenance of the two centres set up in 2007 (Kaeris) and in 2009 (Kangarukia), and when in 2011 the great famine hit the zone, the Foundation assumed the feeding of another 10 schools the missionaries were in charge of.

Since 2015 when the funds of the order were cut off, we have assumed the financing of the entire project and in 2016 we obtained the necessary funds to construct the one missing building of one of the schools.

What do we offer the children?

- Two daily meals from Monday till Saturday. In such a tuff environment, beaten by drought and famine, this is essential for their survival. In fact we have already obtained a substantial drop of malnutrition, still our fight against malnourishment has to continue because the index is so high (27%).

- Possibility to receive pre-primary education at our schools. In our schools they learn English and Swahili, the official languages of Kenya. By doing this they will be able to overcome the language border and study afterwards. Before the setting up of this project only 17% of kids in Turkana would access schooling and now 60% does. Kenya Government after seeing the result of our schools has started to build primary schools close by to our schools.

- Uniforms and school material.

- Teachers that receive yearly training thanks to the courses and training the Foundation organises and our continues efforts to promote them to get their official Kenyan titles.

- Health attendance and looking after their nutritional status via the Renutrition Unit which visits them every two or three weeks.

The schools have turned out to be the development motor and most relevant factor of progress in the little Turkana villages and around them community plans are taking place.

The parent committees of the schools an example of commitment and participation

Voluntarily they have formed parents committees that take care of the daily functioning of the schools: the security, storage, to provide wood to cook, to prepare meals, the cleaning of the classrooms, the functioning of the water supply and maintenance of wells. This parents committee and their biweekly meetings contribute to involve them with the schools and so the community is involved with the schools and make be part of them. They are an example of active participation and it’s their compromise.

Turkana people keenly express their joy for our assistance and they happily accept our new ideas and suggestions to improve little by little the live conditions of their kids.

Several foundations and companies and various groups of friends have assumed the compromise to totally maintain the financial cost of the 12 schools.




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Calle Camino Sur, 50
28109 Alcobendas - Madrid
Teléfono: 91 650 1973 (mañanas)
Fundación Lealtad
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