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2MekiIn 2012 the Clinic began to provide primary pediatric care for the most common diseases in outpatient clinics. In 2015 it became the official reference center for the treatment of malnutrition cases. Since 2017 the Clinic has been licensed as a "specialized pediatric clinic", in recognition of its capacity for admission and treatment of complex pediatric pathologies.

In 2019 the Clinic expanded its services with a Neonatology Unit (the Belén Jordana Maternal Care Unit), a HIV and Tuberculosis Unit, a Physiotherapy Unit, a multidisciplinary room and a medical library, obtaining the license of "Specialized Maternal and Child Clinic" from the Ethiopian health authorities in 2020. Although the pandemic paralyzed the start-up of the delivery room, it began offering its services in April 2021.

Currently, the Clinic includes primary care consultation services, monitoring of patients with chronic diseases, emergency care and admissions for patients requiring hospitalization. The center has a very active unit for re-nutrition, it offers regular vaccinations and it has a multidisciplinary room where annual subspecialty campaigns such as cardiology, physiotherapy, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology and dentistry are carried out. This services were previously non-existent in Meki.

Due to the enormous impact of this project in the region, we were honoured with the 2019 UNICEF Award "Transforma".


  • 12,644 children were in medical consultation (49% girls / 51% boys)
  • 444 children were admitted with a life-threatening pathology, of which 241 suffered from complicated acute severe malnutrition.
  • 489 children were admitted for medical observation.
  • 267 children were referred to other centers for diagnostic tests.
  • 1,023 children were treated in the Re-nutrition Unit.
  • 855 children were treated for cures or minor surgeries.
  • 12,357 laboratory tests were carried out.
  • 3,509 women were supported in the Maternal Care Unit.
  • 350 patients were treated in specific campaigns.


During 2020, the Nursery welcomed 26 single-parent children, giving young mothers the opportunity to work and support their families.

In addition to educational stimulation, children benefit from health care and a food & clothing delivery program. Furthermore mothers are given informational talks on education, hygiene and basic nutrition.

In Ethiopia there are currently five and a half million orphans.

In 2011 we took over the management and financing of the Let Children Have Home Orphanage in Meki to provide further services to the community in this aspect.

The orphanage currently takes in 35 children from 0 to 18 years of age to whom the Foundation offers a comprehensive education with schooling in Catholic schools and extracurricular reinforcement in the centre itself.

Children who reach the age of majority leave the center to begin their university education. They receive support from the Foundation for their studies and personal maintenance. At present we are supporting 6 university students and 1 recent graduate nurse.

The program covers the basic needs of orphans living in Meki or in the surrounding rural communities, who are taken in by relatives or neighbors with very few resources.

With 293 beneficiaries (50% girls / 50% boys), Let Children Study is mainly an educational project which covers the costs related to schooling like tuition, uniform and school materials. Given the extreme need of the foster families, four annual distributions of basic food, clothing and hygiene products are also part of the project, allowing families to benefit from the program and improve their economies.

The social workers who carry out this project, monitor the academic progress of each child, ensuring regular school attendance and requiring the submission of grades as an indispensable requirement for maintaining the scholarship.



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Calle Camino Sur, 50
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Teléfono: 91 650 1973 (mañanas)
Fundación Lealtad
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